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Parenting. Better. Together.


Positively Parenting was created to provide parents and caregivers with the foundational information they need to make informed choices for their children. "Babies don't come with a manual" may feel like a common, lighthearted joke – but it is a frighteningly accurate realization for most new parents! 


Here you will find information – based in the science and art of psychology; supported by many years of experience – to help you make the best parenting choices for your family. Babies still may not come with a manual, but there is help!

You can also find JoAnna at One Huddle!

If you are looking for a supportive community to guide you through the 3rd trimester of pregnancy and the first years of parenthood, One Huddle is for you! 


The podcast-style birth course, 24/7 access to experts, and community of mothers are here to help you through the transition to motherhood- and beyond. 

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This course was designed for the curious caregiver – anyone who wants to know more about the psychology behind your child's actions or what the potential long term effects of your parenting (caregiving) choices may be. Some topics addressed include attachment theory, parenting styles, temperament, developmentally appropriate behaviors (and when to ask for further assessment), various learning theories, and what to do with all of this information! So much protective parenting comes down to empathy and how to create a safe and loving environment. Join JoAnna to examine this parenting psychology and how to use it to make the most effective choices for your family. 


JoAnna Wu is a certified Early Childhood and Elementary School Teacher, with a BsEd in Early Childhood and Elementary Education, with a specialization in Developmental Psychology, from Temple University. 

Right out of college, she worked at The Goddard School as an infant teacher, but quickly realized she could affect more positive change in a position of leadership. She went on to be the Assistant Director of a Montessori School outside of Philadelphia and then the Director of The Learning Experience in West Chester, PA. 

Just before getting married in 2013, JoAnna and her then-fiancé moved to New York City. There, JoAnna became the Educational Director of The Goddard School of the Upper West Side, Manhattan. 

However, long before her professional career began, JoAnna was caring for children and being called upon by families to help understand their children. At age 12, she began babysitting, and continued to nanny and babysit throughout college – including two stints as a live-in nanny. When she first moved to New York, JoAnna helped families adjust to life at home with a new baby (or two), providing guidance on feedings, sleep, swaddling and other caregiving skills. 

JoAnna is passionate about helping families find parenting strategies that best work for them: combining empirical evidence, years of experience, and a blend of educational and developmental psychology. 

JoAnna often says, and truly believes, that “psychology shouldn’t be a secret you find out when you go to therapy.” There are decades of research that reside only in textbooks or college lecture halls, and JoAnna's goal is to help disseminate some of this important knowledge.

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